The goal is safety at work. Always.

The purpose of Saimaan Eristys Oy’s safety at work activities is to achieve a workplace that does not present any risk to the health, safety, property or the environment of the employee, stakeholders or the company itself.

Every employee has the right and the duty to work safely without accidents. The management of the company provides the conditions for continuous improvement of safety. It reserves financial and human resources to make the necessary improvements without delay.

Programs, plans, and guidelines for occupational well-being, occupational health and safety have been developed for the activities. Security activities are continuously being improved based on auditing, operational feedback and safety findings.

The high level of safety in our work is reflected in our excellent safety statistics and the victory of a safety at work competition held by one of our biggest customers for two consecutive years. Also, our site management system enables us to monitor and report our occupational safety findings.

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