Like father, like sons

I am part of the original furniture at Saimaan Eristys, as I started with the company the year it was established, or in 1982. We still work together with many companies that were our customers back then, and even if employees come and go on both sides, we have got to know them all well.

Some really good younger workers have joined the company through first coming here for a summer job – they are no different from what we were at their age. Working with old mates is so easy that all you have to do is stretch out your hand, and the right part falls into it.

I have myself worked as an occupational safety representative, and two of my sons work in the company. For this reason, safety at work is particularly important for me. We make sure that all possible PPEs and safety equipment are used, and new employees are also offered comprehensive safety training.

Timo Saira
Senior scaffolding erector

We have always offered jobs for young people, and this way we have found good new employees.”